Barley straw has been publicized as an effective, organic remedy to algae problems. However, research shows that barley straw does not always solve algae problems. More research is being done. If you plan to apply barley straw to a pond, follow these general recommendations: Apply barley straw to a pond as soon as ice is gone. The algae control properties of barley straw take several weeks to begin.   Determine your pond’s size in acres, then plan to apply 200 – 250 pounds of barley straw per acre (about 4 -5 bales).

When you get the bales, break them up and fluff up the stems so they make a big, loose pile. Stuff the barley straw into several woven sacks, like onion bags. Insert a buoyant object into the bag. The assembly should be able to float at the surface of the pond.

Place the floating sack on the pond surface and anchor it to stay in place, the sacks should be spaced evenly around the pond to assure even coverage. Barley straw should not be anchored near the edge of the pond, except near an inflowing water course. Make sure they never block the pond spill way.